NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Sponsorship Opportunity

Clay Greenfield Motorsports would like to personally thank you for your interest growing your brand reach through supporting our racing efforts. 

The CGM team has invested countless hours in the race shop and on the track, growing our understanding of the NCWTS racing dynamics, ensuring our trucks and support team reach their pinnacle.

Again, none of this would be possible without the gracious and unwavering support of our sponsors. Each new race not only allows us to grow support for our team and increase our fan base but also to raise the brand reach of our team sponsors.




Sponsorship Packages

Garage Passes642
Logo On UniformLargeSmallNo
Logo On HaulerYesNoNo
Pit Wall LogoYesNoNo

Primary Team Sponsorship: The Primary level sponsorship gives you the best logo placement for your brand on the truck.

Major Associate Team Sponsorship: For growing brands, the Major level sponsorship gives your good logo placement for your brand. 

Associate Team Sponsorship: For small brands looking to grow their reach, this is a great place to start.



Full Season Sponsorship beginning at $900k and will give your brand prime placement for a full racing season.  Below are some advantages of being a NASCAR sponsor.

  • More than 100 Fortune 500 companies rely on NASCAR

  • In 2015 NASCAR generated 4.1 billion social media impressions

  • In 2015 NASCAR Digital platforms saw 1.1 billion total page views

  • There are more than 5.1 million viewers per NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race

  • NASCAR is the #1 sport in brand loyalty to sponsors

Become part of the team's DNA.

In NASCAR, brands become much more than sponsors in our sport. They become partners. The brand becomes the mascot. Brand guidelines become the hometown colors. Brand placement authenticates licensed merchandise. Press conferences are even held to announce new sponsors, and they're covered by major national media outlets like USA Today and Sports Illustrated. Have you heard of that anywhere else?


NASCAR licensed products provide additional exposure opportunities for team sponsors, placing their brands in categories like die-cast cars, apparel and more


NASCAR works with top studios, networks, producers, showrunners, talent agencies, management firms, record labels, and publicists to regularly integrate itself into the mainstream pop culture and expose sponsor brands to new audiences.

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Victory Lane

When a team wins a race, team sponsors are placed in one of the brightest spotlights in sports, providing valuable exposure and prestige for their brands.


NASCAR is broadcast in 175 countries and in 24 languages.

Promotional Displays

The racetracks of NASCAR use driver, car and sponsor imagery in ticket promotions year-round.

Special Events

NASCAR leverages its eminence and extensive network to build the brands of its drivers and teams at high-profile events such as visits to The White House and The Pentagon.

Video Games

Video games offer fans/users the opportunity to fully immerse themselves into the sport by putting them behind the wheel of a branded race car.

NASCAR Hall of Fame

The NASCAR Hall of Fame is an interactive, entertainment attraction honoring the history and heritage of NASCAR. Sponsors associated with Hall of Fame drivers and teams are naturally written into the history books and honored by a display at the NASCAR Hall of Fame.


NASCAR licensed apparel not only gives fans the opportunity to show support for their favorite NASCAR drivers and teams but also provides incremental exposure for those teams’ sponsor brands. That exposure extends the fan -sponsor relationship beyond race day and into fans’ everyday lives, further strengthening brand recognition and loyalty as fans make their daily purchases

Next Steps

  • Schedule in-person consultation with our team agent to create a customized sponsorship package for your brand.

  • Review and sign sponsorship agreement and payment schedule.

  • Submit initial payment via wire transfer or certified check.

  • Schedule consultation with our design team to begin crafting the look of your new NASCAR truck wrap.

Please contact Josh Martinez (CGM Team Agent)
(907) 360-3236